SLPP EMC Leadership Addresses Allegations and Asserts Integrity

By: Political Mufti

The leadership of the SLPP Elections Management Committee (EMC) has responded to recent allegations regarding the misappropriation of funds. In an interview with Political Mufti, Chairman Dr. Brima Kapuwa called upon anyone who claims to have provided financial contributions to the EMC to come forward and present their evidence, specifically referring to a purported $3 million donation meant for the attention of the President. PLEASE DO SO VIA BBC, VOA, WHATSAPP, SLBC OR AVY.

Dr. Kapuwa vehemently denied these allegations and expressed his unwavering confidence in the integrity of the EMC leadership. The committee consisted of three individuals: Dr. Kapuwa as the chair, Babadi Kamara as the logistics and finance lead, and Amara Kallon as the program and training lead. Dr. Kapuwa asserted that he is fully aware of all financial transactions and emphasized that neither he nor his team could have accepted any funds without his knowledge. He firmly stated that these gentlemen possess the highest level of integrity and competence.

All financial matters within the EMC were handled by Mr. Babadi Kamara, who personally funded various activities on multiple occasions. It is inconceivable, according to Dr. Kapuwa, that a donation intended for President Bio’s attention could have been diverted for personal use. Furthermore, he clarified that the EMC was responsible for elections management, not the management of SLPP campaign funds. All EMC activities underwent budgeting, debates, and approval by President Bio before disbursements were made to the financial lead.

During the Kambia SLPP NEC meeting, separate committees were established for campaigns and elections management, each with independent functions. The EMC’s primary responsibilities included recruiting, training, and deploying elections personnel such as party agents and SLPP polling center managers, as well as managing the result chain and polling database.

Dr. Kapuwa proudly highlighted the successful management of the September 2022 Biometric Voter Registration (BVR) exercise, asserting that no evidence of misappropriation existed. A comprehensive report on EMC activities, derived from a reflective session, has been compiled and will be submitted to President Bio in the coming week, according to the EMC leadership.

In conclusion, Dr. Kapuwa stated his pride in successfully delivering the 2023 elections, ensuring all payments to party agents and polling center managers were completed without issues. Additionally, he assured that all assets and equipment received for EMC operations had been properly accounted for. The EMC managed a nationwide infrastructure involving over 30,000 individuals, including 23,876 party agents, 4,000 polling center managers, 3,500 chiefdom champions, district facilitators, district coordinators, tally clerks, and managers.

Dr. Kapuwa urged detractors to refrain from engaging in cheap politics that could tarnish the integrity painstakingly built over decades. He emphasized the need for appreciation and understanding of the EMC’s work in today’s contemporary world.

I still remain D Political Mufti

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