Sierra Leone

In Sierra Leone, the 7.5 million people should be made to understand and re-believe that the Economy has been well mismanaged; scattered and disoriented that the resuscitation of it is a job for all, not just government.

The agriculture, security, civil and foreign services too have been embarrassed sectors and therefore, the general politics of the country which should have rather helped to enhance genuine peace, developments and sound economy, has rather been badly abused.

But even the mismanagements of the educational agenda for example, has presented us, with the relevance of fifty (50) years of need to be able to catch up.


No peace!

No development! and,

No good/sound economy!

**Will breed a serious and dangerous society closer to a war different from the 1992 RUF rebel war that visited us (1992 to 2001)???? and said good bye after eleven (11) years of death and hardship.

The absence of the three above, can lead to a state of worse diligence that the populace will choose to fight for nothing good, but to hope and do the worse.

This is what this country is becoming. Within a few more years, it will achieve this reality.

So, how can a bad politics lead to a very bad economy? And how does a very bad economy lead to a very bad handling of sectoral miss harps, in a country like ours…Sierra Leone?

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