By Edward Marah

When President Julius Maada Bio and his Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) took over the governance of the state in 2018, many Sierra Leoneans including myself were of the view and trust that, he will further unite the country, promote national cohesion, human rights, civil liberty, political tolerance, sound political leadership, maintaining law and order, provide public services, national security and economic growth.

Disappointedly, five years down the line, the country is now divided along political and regional lines than ever before in the history of Sierra Leone, a once united and peaceful country.

The SLPP governance style of lies, arrogance, political division, revenge, grudge, ego, hate, malice, human rights abuse and greed has led to their poor political and governance performance in the country.

The current state of human rights abuse, economic hardship, harassments of the opposition supporters, civil society activists, Journalists, the killings of innocent citizens is not only a concern to the people of Sierra Leone, but the international community for which people should be held to account.

Many citizens are now living in a state of fear and regret of electing a president that has no respect for human rights, civil liberty and the living condition of its citizens.

President Bio’s recent address to the United Nations pointing out that Sierra Leoneans enjoy democracy, human rights is baseless to say the least. As citizens, we are not enjoying peace, democracy, civil liberty and human rights as government under his leadership has threatened the democratic space, living us in fear.

We look forward to the day, you will give us peace, civil liberty and free speech not on paper but in practices.

Your national address on the peace dialogue between your government and the main opposition APC calling for peace, oneness is a welcome news, if only your government and the APC are sincere to the people of Sierra Leone. The political will must be seen to be demonstrated and practicalized if we are to achieve national peace and reconciliation. We cannot continue to be divided as a nation. Sierra Leoneans have suffered a lot in the hands of bad politicians and bad politics.

Mr. President, I look forward to the day you will retire proudly leaving behind a peaceful and united Sierra Leone, a legacy you will be remembered for. You have the responsibility now as Commander in Chief, Fountain of Honour.

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