…Dr.Kaifala Marah Tells Kono As He Launches APC Campaign

By The Informant Media

‘I am not in Kono to assert leadership but to join hands with my brothers and sisters to deliver Kono for the All Peoples Congress (APC) come 24th June 2023″, said Dr Kaifala Marah, today 29th May 2023, in Kono as he launched the APC campaign in the District.

Delivering his message – What Kono Do We Want, Dr Kaifala Marah said “We want a progressive Kono, but that dream begins with a peaceful Kono, a reconciled Kono, and one in which we must forgive one another”.

We have to be careful how we handle our relationships so that together, we will realise our full potential. He called on all in Kono to understand that with peace we will be able to deliver Kono for the APC.

“We are here today without some of our brothers and sisters; we have to reach out to them and embrace them,” adding that as Konos they have to work with sincerity of purpose.

He pointed out that “a single finger can not pick a stone but requires many fingers to do so; noting that Kono’s progress requires closer coordination, collaboration and cooperation among the leaders.

Officially launching the campaign in the district on behalf of Dr Samura Karama, Dr Marah brought warm greeting from Dr Samura Kamara, saying Dr Samura Kamara could have loved to be in Kono but that he launched the party’s One Nation  Manifestor in Freetown today. He assured Kono that Dr Samura will be in Kono soon.

Dr. Marah underscored that the APC has the proven track record to save the ailing economy, and called on his Kono people to vote the APC for change. He  thanked the people Kono and the leadership of the party for the warm reception accorded him and his team,

He commended them for their determination to deliver all the seats in the district for Dr Samura Karama and the party.

Former Transport Minister Logus Koroma, called on the people of Kono to pay back to a party that brought good roads, and electricity, among other development projects in the District, adding that it is only the APC that cares for the people of Kono

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