FOUR points answers to my party

By Semeon Fallah

  1. How do we negotiate for peace between us and move with One Voice?


It has become clearer that no one man/woman will contest amongst us (within the APC), and put on Pride and much recalcitrance… and think to Win.

It is a Peaceful man/woman that can win from amongst us!

In view of the above, even if we consider any of the persons now amongst us; Sam Sumana and Samura Kamara, he must resist pride and recalcitrance in order to win the 2023 Presidential candidature contestant. Tribal links being put aside to such a candidate, he must hold Peace and Unity in high ranks before campaign and during the campaigns as he must see these as practical necessities for His Presidency. PEACE and all that it MEANS must be his word and practice to see Salone a nation to rule!

2. How do we look for Money at this hard time and move with one serious zeal?


Of the Two above, only Sam has now began to think that EBK has money, but does not financially want to support him for his presidential dream!

Nonetheless, the past hard players of the party (APC), have shelved their finances and have kept such funds away from everybody except from the knowledge of the COI, during investigations. But since they hope for freedom to utilize such funds only when an APC government is in control, it goes to point that such persons will ONLY help an APC presidential candidate they believe to be in such position in the near future. So the question is: how much trust and belief do the past players have in Sam Sumana and/or Samura? So, the answer to the above question is dependent on who our (flagbearer) candidate is, among the two persons above. Money from non players of the party to any of such candidate above will be dependent on very few persons. May be, that is why that many begin to feel that EBK’s candidate is one that will win, hence Samsumana’s grief/blame!

The other reality is the fact that most of the people around Samsumana do not wish well for EBK.

3.There is going to be a few serious groups that might not be chosen for the national party (APC) leadership.

How do we ask them to come in and move with us in one voice?


This is where the decision will have to be taken by the APC (cohorts) for a better future. If none of the Two above is chosen, then each will have to be ‘smeared’ and traded with much helps, conviction and settlement. For example, Samsumana; to leave him out, he would have to ascertain that whoever the new president is/will be, will/must be ready to pay him his entire financial and material benefits he is to get/receive as retirement benefits as VP (2007 to April  2015). That the APC cohorts (and EBK), will be ready to be those witness(es). If possible, he be promised to serve as Chief Minister for the First Two years of the Presidential Term schedule.

 He be made to understand that to save Salone, he is not the Only kono man.

 If it has to be Samura to be handled; he be given some $200,000 (two hundred thousand dollars; but who pays this?), with a ministerial promise of a position for the First two years of service. That there is a lot, that makes things appear (for him not), to be made a flagbearer for the party. It saves a lot to put him aside to serve as a warner for even the younger generations of the party. By those means, the party is/will be ready to move to a saver zone for a clean and better flagbearer that might even be acceptable to EBK and his peers. A man or woman; that may serve a peaceful ten years that will see (in peace) most APC players beyond this earth.

4. The Green Guys have planned already how to cheat the APC. How do we sort out these their cheating plans; in moving with accepted International Partners, thwart their programs of cheating. Can we have a Kenyan experience?


In the first place, now that the Registrations are over, and the voter list is out, all our complaints and headaches about those registrations should be made known to the International Partners and the Government.

Both, the issues of their refusal of the Under aged and Older people to register in our arears, while registering of same in their arears of  support, must be proven examples.

Above that, we must point to the International Partners that Mr. Bio wining these elections (2023) is to put Sierra Leone in problems, rather than Peaceful situations. They must see the Bio Administration as divisive rather than peaceful administration. Above all, let the International Partners be allowed to see the Bio Administration as a non-accountable ‘regime’ that does not fit for a working system as a good government, etc. Only those done, can we be home and dry!

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