Comrade William Braham Kamanda aka Matical

Thank you message

Be courageous!
Politics is extremely an emotional endeavor.
In the words of Albert Schweitzer, at times, our light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person.
Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude for those who have lighted the flame within us.

On that note and in my Matical voice, I hereby profoundly communicate my gratefulness, heartfelt thanks, and positive praises to all those who in diverse paths assisted me throughout my campaigns for the Koidu New Sembehun City Council Mayoral Seat.

Honestly, though the ECSL’s published results have left us in complete surprise, I am aware and I appreciate the different contributions and supports from various groups and individuals.

To the APC Regional and District Executives, your absolute sacrifices, experience, and pieces of advice, I hold to the utmost.
To the National Executive, I quickly and hastily appreciate your leadership and aid you stretched out to me.

To our MP candidates, your fruitful mobilization and selflessness, always ring in my heart.
Therefore, I remain grateful.

Our energetic councillors, your timely community mobilizations and swift movements, I hail you all.
Let’s keep the spirit.

I also appreciate all Ward and Constituency Executives for their support throughout the process which started with our primaries.

Another group that strongly merits my appreciation and thankfulness is my Campaign Team. Members of my Campaign Team, the role of the party’s Media Team, all I can say to you now is that I will ever remain grateful.

To all Support Groups, Affiliate Groups, and the entire APC family, your unflinching support, I wholeheartedly recognize you with gratitude.

To the electorate or people of the Koidu Municipality, I acknowledge all your efforts.
I also thank you for your votes and trust.
This is a good journey that we have started together.

I also acknowledge with gratitude the support given by certain individuals within and outside the APC family. Though your names are unspecified in this piece, I am highly indebted to you all.

Congratulations to all our MPs and Councillors elect.

” De game jus start “

Long Live APC
Long Live Koidu Municipality
Long Live Kono District
Long Live Sierra Leone

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