If nothing has ever taught the APC how to be honest and God fearing, the repercussions of the party’s fraudulent Lower-Level elections and the loss of the Presidential elections should have been a great lesson for the party as to how not to conduct the affairs of the APC in dubious ways.

The leadership of the party has been engaged in a serious fight to restore constitutional order and seeking for justice and fair play to prevail in relation to the actual outcome of the June 24, 2023 presidential elections.

We cry for justice and fair play! We sing, clap and dance for fair play and justice over the outcome of the presidential elections. We signed Communiques with a lot of conditions in our favour just to seek justice for the unsuspecting electorates.

Alas, here we are, dangling around what should be a simple, straightforward decision to select or elect one of our own to serve as Minority Leader in the 6th Parliament of our Republic. Are we going to go by number of years spent in the parliament, backed by experience, honesty and proven track record in our selection/election of this Minority Leader? Or are we going to apply the same favouritism and the same selection by affiliation which we applied during our Lower Level elections and in our National Delegates Convention in Makeni?

It has not even been 6 months since the June Presidential elections, and we still cannot Learn from the simple biblical doctrine of do unto others as you would like them do unto you.

Do we even need to struggle for one bit to select or elect the most qualified person to serve as the party’s Minority Leader in Parliament if we are sincere and honest and we seek the interest of our struggling supporters and that of the nation?

Between the names that are coming up for the said leadership in Parliament, who, in the APC, does not know the most qualified and fitting candidate? Again, we are playing with the joy and emotional stability of our struggling people by creating unnecessary doubt around the most preferred and most qualified choice of the ordinary APC supporters.

APC, let us be careful with what we do to our defenceless lot! This is not the time for sentiments or emotional satisfaction. This is time for smart thinking and seeking the interest of our devastated supporters.

The credibility and integrity of the leadership of the party has recently come under question. What they should be seen to be doing is how they can redeem themselves from the doubts and reservations that the ordinary APC supporters now have over the honesty and sincerity of that leadership, but more especially, their ability to lead this great party anymore.

APC, do the right thing this time around and stop provoking the people any more than you have already done. Do not invite the wrath and anger of the supporters whom you have deceived too many times and over. God does not celebrate ugly.

The supporters can no longer afford a failed and untrustworthy parliamentary representation. APC leadership, stop this cruel act against the people. The power of the people is mightier than the games you have been playing with them. If you push them to the point where they finally feel provoked beyond their accommodation, they will fight back, and God help us that we do not get caught up in that fight, because it might be uglier than  any uprising we have ever witnessed in this country.

Enjoy the little power and resources you have gotten at the expense of the poor and struggling supporters; and stop provoking their anger and reaction. Don’t say someone did not draw your attention to this. May the justice and fair play that we seek from others be practiced by us in these trying moments. God bless us all.

BMT: The Voice of the seemingly Speachless Majority.

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