“I have been APC member since September, 2017”, said David Tam Baryoh .

By Jonathan C. Kamara

Let it be known that in September of 2017, the party members of the APC through Madam Diana Konomanyi did party elections in Koidu Town and elected David in his  absence as the Party’s spokesperson for Kono District.

“So, in 2017, I became the Kwame Nkrumah…being elected in my absence, though difference was I was not in Prison. I was preparing my Monologue program for radio. Since then, I have been watching political activities”,  said David Baryoh.

“The APC is never a camp of saints”, he admitted.

So many people will ask;

What is your reaction to issues of the Audit within the party?

Well, there was an Audit and the result is out. That audit is yet to be decided on in a court of law or by the recommendations of the party. Then we will know whether there is an issue of theft or corruption. I was one person who spoke about corruption of/by key people inside the party and the country, while serving as ministers. The SLPP has either confirmed or added to my statement. So let us wait-When I become a leader, I will answer to all these statements of corruption within our party and country.

For me; no tribe, no team and no special group of people.

This new idea of groups or sects within the party is disheartening. A Sierra Leonean is a Sierra Leonean. An APC Member is an APC Member. And nothing else. Neither team A, nor B or C. Within the party, everybody is equal and one. And nobody is special; and this goes for even the leadership.


React to things within the APC


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